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Introduction to a Podcast

Dear friends, Welcome to the First Season of LPS PODCAST. Here are some lectures given by students on various issues dealing with adolescents. This is a fortnightly podcast which will take you to a journey of learning and growing. This fortnight we present to you a lecture on life style and mental health. Sit back, listen and stay updated

Lifestyle and Mental Health

This Podcast has been presented by Diya Sethi of Class XII. The mental health of a person includes his social , emotional and psychological well being. In this podcast we discuss how a healthy life style involving balanced diet, exercise and self care may prevent the onset or worsening of mental health conditions. So sit back, listen and stay updated.


This Podcast has been presented by Drishti Sharma and Vedanshi Latiyan of Class XII. In this podcast we discuss how individuals especially adolescents become susceptible to eating disorders due to the complex interaction of societal pressures, biological and psychological factors such as low self esteem, depression and anxiety. An eating disorder is much more than food, it is cry for help. So sit back, listen and understand.

Genome Mapping

This Podcast has been presented by Harsh Trivedi & Daksh Sharma of Class XII. Cell is a fundamental unit of living organisms, which contains genetic material passed from one generation to another. A complete set of genes in a cell is known as genome. In this podcast we have discussed about Genome Mapping which helps us to locate the genes and estimate the distance between them. So sit back, listen and understand.

Antibiotic Resistance

Hassan Nadeem and Arpit Jha of class XII-A have struck a collaboration to bring to you an immaculate podcast on the topic 'Antibiotic Resistance'. Medicines aka antibiotics have saved human life various times. But a new danger named 'antibiotic resistance' is lurking, making the disease causing organisms to resist the effect of antibiotics. There might be a time approaching where none of our available antibiotics work. So, Sit back, Relax and listen about this captivating topic.

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