LPS Labs

3D Science Lab

It is a wonderful opportunity for students to feel, almost being a part of the subject itself. Learning becomes more interesting.

Math Lab

Having dedicated space for access to the advanced technology & software where students feel empowered to engage in high level problem solving. The Maths lab provides an opportunity for the students to discover mathematics through doing. The activities help students to visualise, manipulate and reason.


Best understanding about the task defined for the Robots can be done practically. Our ATL lab teaches students essential 21st Century skills.


At LPS, we believe good communication skills enhances the personality. With ASL lab we are producing good listeners and speakers is the need of the hour.

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry lab in LPS is well equipped. All the necessary chemicals and reagents required for the activities, experiments etc are available.

Biology Lab

Biology lab is well equipped with preserved specimens, slides, models and bio visual charts which emphasize on developing scientific temper among the students.

Computer Lab

Its really a fast life in this I.T world. To update children with the latest information and to know the world by the tip of their fingers we have a full fledged computer laboratory with latest computers.

Physics Lab

Well equipped lab with individual tables, electrical connections for every table and gas connections are provided. Also it is provided with models to make concepts in light and electricity for students to understand better.

Mind Power Lab

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Nursery Wing (Nirman Vihar)

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LPS School

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Senior Unit Webinar Record

Senior Unit Webinar Record 2020-21

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List of NCERT Books
used for class 6 to 12

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Security comes first in LPS. We take the security of our students very seriously.

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Fixing Fees : Fees fixed as per Delhi School Education Act 1973. Affiliation status: Affiliation till Senior Secondary, Affiliation Period : till 2024
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