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For easy use of ERP and to get the best out of the online education systems a School ERP must have certain basic features. There are n number of educational institutions that have reported to be unsatisfied with the school management software they have been using. And this is because they do not fulfill the basic features that an ERP must possess. For a better understanding certain important features that an organization can look for in an education system are listed:

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning.

Put simply, ERP software (sometimes just called an Enterprise Resource Planner, or, “an ERP”) is software that manages business processes for a company, organization, or, in your case, a school/district.

So how do ERPs “manage business processes?”

The way it works is that ERPs feature multiple “applications,” or tools, that work together seamlessly to connect departments and bring the data from those various departments together into one database. Whatever task you need to complete — be it compiling a detailed year-end report or simply checking on the status of your Accounts Receivable — ERPs put all the information you need right at your fingertips.

ERPs are designed to take many tasks and do them for you, especially tasks that you do regularly (every day, week, month, or year).

An example of regularly recurring work that a K-12 financial management ERP could do for you would be compiling a report of the money your school district spent last month. The ERP automatically pulls specific data from among all the applications within the system so that you don’t have to search for the information you need. Good ERPs even allow you to configure the regular reports so that they show exactly the information you want them to in exactly the way you want it shown.

So, as you can see, ERP software saves you time through automation, which in turn (since we all know “time is money”) will help your district’s financial bottom line, too.


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