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A digital library makes it easier for schools that lack space and can provide students with more options. This initiative will be well appreciated. The school has lately been taking efforts to be technologically ahead and has introduced an app to share its notices and announcement, which reaches out to parents at the click of a button.

The online reading and downloading make children inquisitive and sharpens their analytical skills without the burden of carrying extra books. It is a bright, multifunctional space with plenty of seating and has a separate room for the use of IB students during non-contact IB lessons, a small private study room where teachers can have a one to one support lesson with small groups and several cubicles for individual study.

The library houses a rich collection of books, periodicals, newspapers, online databases and curriculum based multimedia resources. There is a provision of 250 laptops for students to carry out online searches and to research assignments in the library.

The school will upload more books in time, the school librarian said. We will upload more books and work towards improving the technology. Students can read the downloaded books whenever they want.

This is a one-of-a-kind initiative. I am glad that a school has taken the onus to reach out to students and ensure the reading habit continues.

Shri. R. P. Malik

Nursery Admission Notice

Nursery Admission Notice

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Kindness - A Simple Way To Tell That There Is Love And Compassion In The World.

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Result of 4th RPM Girls Olympic UDAAN 2021

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