About Lovely Public School

"46 years in the life of a school"- The school is building strong, free, confident individuals to serve our society and nation. From a humble beginning in 1966, as a small school to its present glorious stage, Lovely Public has come a long way.
The hard work, dedication enthusiasm, commitment and quality have shaped our present well. Meanwhile the student never forget the motto of the school "Let's move to a better future with L.P.S." and the children are proving them serves in various fields.
Most of the lovelites are absorbed in high jobs every year. They are providing their services in fields of Medicine, Technology, Business & in various other Professions.

One milestone after another, we were never behind on this arduous (Demanding), Challenging Journey. There never was a dull moment. We kept on growing and stretching each step on the way guided and, nurtured by dedicated and motivated team.

The school is shaping up children and imparting education as per the requirement of CCE. Children are well connected with the world of education. The introduction of Magnetic Electronic Board (Smart Board) has changed the whole scenario. The students have fastened their seat belts and learning has become a pleasure. The minds full of question's curiosity are well answered.

School is providing a complete support to implement a joyful, value-driven and academically rigorous program at all levels based on new and more powerful principles. This builds motivation in each child and creates a feeling of "I can School is maximizing every child's potential through study processes and scientifically designed study material."


Security comes first in LPS. We take the security of our students very seriously.

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LPS provide its students, parents and teachers erp facility. To login please click here


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